The Start of Something New

It took Katarina a little longer to get up from the dinner table that night. After caring for ten children all day at Rukuba Children’s Home, this particular day had been especially draining. She mustered her last bit of energy, sighed and slowly stood up.

“How can I help you tonight?”

The small voice was unexpected. Katarina turned to see six-year-old Kephas looking at her. He was always so willing to help.

Kephas scanned the table and looked back at Katarina.

“Can I do the dishes with you?,” Kephas asked.

His sweet words were exactly what she needed to hear. Together, they headed to the sink and began cleaning up the day’s dishes. Kepha’s desire to help had become a blessing to the home.

As they worked, Katarina’s mind wandered to the days immediately following Kephas’ arrival. His difficult past feels like a distant memory. He has been through more in his short six years than many of us experience in a lifetime.

After both of his parents passed away, Kephas lived on the streets for three years before arriving at Rukuba. It had been a hard time, which he still isn’t ready to discuss. When he came to the home, he was aggressive and guarded. He would attack the other children, as well as classmates and teachers at school. Kephas didn’t want to be hurt and he had taught himself to do whatever it took to protect himself.

Every day, as Kephas learns to trust. Katarina catches more glimpses of the genuine Kephas.  Under his guarded exterior was a soft, gentle heart. As Kephas grows and heals, he is experiencing safety, security and unconditional love from a family – a kind of love he’s never found before. It’s wild and beautiful and Ephas is still learning there’s nothing he can do to earn it. God is crazy about Kephas, and he’s learning that more and more as he interacts with Him each day.

Kephas looked up at Katarina and smiled. He grabbed a dish towel and began drying and putting away the dishes. Katarina is so thankful God brought Kephas to their home. She knows his story of healing, hope and redemption is only just beginning.