Finding a Home

After Ivonne’s parents passed away, both she and her two younger brothers lived with their aging grandmother who struggled to care for them. In the summer of 2014, the children were brought to live at a government-run children’s home. While at the home, Ivonne’s two younger brothers were adopted, but Ivonne was left behind. This children’s home, with staff dressed in white lab coats, was a difficult place for her. Ivonne became reckless, rebellious and really angry.

A government social worker contacted Douglas Children’s Home to share about Ivonne. Jim, the director at Douglas, knew the nurturing environment would be ideal for her and the staff there was ready to welcome her with open arms. Jim gathered the staff together to pray for her. A few days later, in August 2014, Ivonne moved to Douglas.

As Ivonne settled in at the home, no one saw this rebellious girl they’d been told about. She was helpful and friendly. She lived in the youngest girls’ dorm and helped care for them. When asked what was responsible for the drastic change in Ivonne’s heart, Jim says, “I think it’s because we care for and love her. She not only hears it, she experiences that love. And I have to believe that’s changing her life.”

Living at Douglas has given Ivonne hope for a life she might never have imagined. After school, she can be found sitting on a picnic table outside her dorm reading her Bible. She thanks God for this place, and the people there who have become like family.

Each morning Ivonne is up with the young girls in her dorm brushing their hair, getting them dressed and helping them prepare for the day. She then takes the bus to school. On her ride each morning, she reflects on the blessings in her life, thankful she’s finally found a home.