Just Like Abigail

Move-in day came quickly. The six girls packed up their personal belongings: a treasured photo, a One Direction poster and a well-loved stuffed animal. With suitcases stacked by the door, they chatted excitedly, waiting for Gennie and Jorge Castro, the Abigail House (the new Hope Program home in Mazatlan) parents, to arrive. The girls had been dreaming about this day for months, wondering, hoping, unsure of what to expect, but eager for what was to come.

A car door slammed. The Castros had arrived. After hugs goodbye to caregivers and friends, the girls piled into the Castro’s maroon Chevy Malibu and made their way through the winding streets of Mazatlan to their new home.

“This day means a lot – a new beginning and a second chance – a reminder of the truth that God’s grace is sufficient,” shared Gennie.

In the midst of unpacking and finalizing paperwork, sweet bonds were being formed. Over the next several weeks, the girls connected with each other and to Gennie and Jorge over family-style dinners, late night ice cream sundaes and afternoon pool parties. One-by-one, they began to open up and share pieces of their heart. The Castros listened intently as the words and stories tumbled out, patiently helping each girl sort through a unique mix of emotions. They cried and prayed together and the girls started to feel at home.

This Hope Program home was named for Abigail, the biblical woman (1 Samuel 25) who showed virtuous character and sound judgement in the midst of adversity. Like many of the girls Back2Back serves, Abigail was not constrained by her circumstances, but instead showed tremendous bravery, courage and faithfulness in the face of difficulty. The conclusion of Abigail’s story is brimming with hope.  God honored her obedience in a spectacular way, reminding us a difficult past does not disqualify us from a hopeful future. Abigail’s legacy serves as an inspiration to embrace God’s transformative power and become a reflection of hope to those around us.