1 Year. 16 Lives.

It’s been almost two years since Back2Back first forged a relationship with Harvest Care Children’s Home outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The concrete walls, the dusty ground and murky swamp surrounding the shell of a building was jarring. The interior was stark too – bare except for a rickety kitchen table and a sparsely furnished sleeping area. The children relied on a basic outdoor kitchen and make-shift bathroom in a ditch on the edge of the property. The fridge was often empty. Many of the children were undernourished.

What the directors of the home lacked in resources, they made up for with their deep dedication to the sixteen children who called Harvest Care home. They engaged with each child through intentional play and meaningful interactions, nurturing them, carving out a space of safety and love for them to grow socially and emotionally. As our relationship with the directors grew,

Back2Back formed a partnership with the home. Staff and mission teams began filling the swamp with truckloads of gravel, building bunk beds for each child, outfitting the home with a new kitchen, laying a cement patio in place of sharp rocks, building a playground and overhauling indoor plumbing so the children would no longer have to rely on outdoor plumbing. The property today looks vastly different from just two short years ago.

Children were quickly sponsored through Back2Back’s Child Sponsorship Program, meeting basic everyday needs. For the first time, caregivers had the resources to supplement the children’s diet ensuring they received balanced meals and daily vitamins.Staff and volunteersquickly noticed a marked improvement in the their overall health and energy levels. Today, the children are healthy and strong. Thepantry is fully stocked and the shelves of the fridge are lined with fresh fruits and vegetables.With full bellies, the children are finally able toconcentrate in school –thriving academically.

When Back2Back staff step onto the property, the children run to them, smiling and laughing – bright, vibrant smiles.

God is moving in the hearts of the children of Harvest Care, using caregivers, mission trips guests and staff to continue to provide crucial care and support.

In the midst of a country struggling to recover from the devastation of an earthquake, Harvest Care continues to transform. Children are receiving deep holistic care – spiritually, physically, educationally, emotionally and socially. Sixteen lives, sixteen boys and girls, know they are loved. They are not forgotten. They are sons and daughters of a big God who sees and loves them.