Sweet Friendship

Relationships can form from the simplest of exchanges. The girls we serve in Hyderabad, India started to connect with other girls their age from a nearby village. Recently, a group of girls from the village began visiting Back2Back’s campus – spending time chatting, playing and ultimately building relationships with the girls we serve, a key component of healthy social development.

B2Bblog_BikesThese interactions are strengthening the girls’ understanding of how to interact in social settings. The girls visit frequently, riding their bikes to the Back2Back campus for an afternoon of fun. Recently, several of the older girls on the campus noticed a girl of similar age from the village who wears the same clothes every day and doesn’t appear to go to school. They befriended her and gave her a dress from their small supply.

Later, the girls from the village offered to share their bikes and spent the day teaching the other girls how to ride. The joy on their faces tells the story of a budding friendship.