Life Lessons


In Nigeria, Back2Back is celebrating the addition of a new national staff member. Azubike, a statistics major at a nearby university, recently began serving at Destiny Children’s Home, tutoring the children to support their academic growth. Soon after, his influence began extending far beyond meeting educational needs. What initially began as a job has transformed into a calling.

Azubike thinks outside the box to create real-life learning opportunities for the children. Recently, he and his sister hosted a party for the children at Destiny who had no family to visit during a school holiday. A lonely long weekend became a chance for a celebration. The children enjoyed party games and special treats, but more importantly they knew they were loved and not forgotten.

A few weeks ago, he visited the market to purchase socks for the children. By inviting several children to join him, a quick errand evolved into a life skills lesson offering the children a chance to bond with an adult. Not only did this provide the children with a positive social experience off-campus, but it also gave Azubike a chance to teach the children how to navigate public transportation and shopping at the market, crucial life skills in Nigeria.   Now, every time Azubike runs an errand, he invites a group of children to accompany him. The children, eager to join Azubike, regularly ask when he will be going shopping again!

Azubike’s passion for children motivates him to go above and beyond his daily duties at the children’s home. He has decided to pursue additional child development training to better understand how to serve children who have experienced loss. Azubike feels certain he is right where God wants him.

“I’m thankful to God for the ability to work with Back2Back and plan to be here for the long haul,” says Azubike.