How Does Your Garden Grow?

1The children at Del Norte Children’s Home are already seeing the impact of a new garden on campus. Several months ago, staff decided a garden would be the perfect means to supplement the children’s diet with fresh fruits and veggies, while also giving them a chance to learn about planting and growing fresh food and experience a taste of sustainability. Through the harvest process, the children learned the value of patience and hardwork.

406The children worked alongside Back2Back and Del Norte staff members and mission teams, preparing the soil, planting seeds and building a fence. The children were brimming with excitement, chatting about the leafy greens that were peeking up from the ground. Chard was the first vegetable produced from the garden. The children felt a sense of satisfaction as they sampled the rewards of their hard work. The cooks have experimented with new recipes to incorporate the fresh produce into the children’s meals. Since then, lime and peach trees have been added to the garden. Some of the children are even considering ways the garden might benefit those in need in their community. Everyone is watching expectantly as the trees put down more roots and continue a beautiful story.