The Widespread Impact of Child Sponsorship


MashiahWEBSince 2007, Back2Back has worked to solidify and expand educational opportunities for the children we serve in Nigeria. Staff explore every possible avenue to fill in the gaps in the children’s academic foundation, offering a spectrum of educational services from tutoring to private school and everything in between.

Over the years, Back2Back has sent sponsored children to private schools in the village when feasible. When first exploring area schools, this was the best option. However, over time, staff observed the quality of education and the approach to discipline were not consistent with Back2Back’s standards of care.

Last year, Mashiah Foundations Academy was presented as an alternative to the village-based private schools. Mashiah is a Nigerian school run by a western missionary who maintains a high standard of quality education. For the 2013-14 school year, Back2Back enrolled 14 children in the school. Back2Back staff quickly noticed a difference – the childrens’ academic performances drastically improved. They also showed tremendous social and emotional growth, so much so, the newly hired psychologist shared she wanted to give a hug to whoever made the decision to enroll students in Mashiah. Now, the children are regularly gaining life experiences outside the home and are making new friends at school.

It is not just the children we serve who benefit. For every five children Back2Back enrolls at Mashiah, the school awards a scholarship to a vulnerable child in their local area. This school year, Back2Back placed 55 children in Mashiah, resulting in 11 scholarships for local vulnerable children. Back2Back’s Child Sponsorship Program is experiencing a ripple effect – by impacting the life of one child, other children’s lives are impacted as well. God continues to meet needs in the most surprising and unexpected ways.