Reunited At Last

God is working in beautifully powerful ways in Cancun, Mexico. In May 2013, Aurora, age 12, and Elisa, age, 10, came to live at the San Jose Children’s Home. Their mom, Wendi, had been struggling with depression and alcoholism.

Wendi recognized she was no longer able to provide a safe, loving home for her girls, so she brought them to San Jose. Over the past year, a combination of therapy, parenting classes, and job searching has brought Wendi to a place where she can once again care for Aurora and Elisa. During a visit to Wendi’s home in early summer, my co-worker and I were talking with the girls’ mom. We asked if there was anything we could do to help with their transition home. Something hanging on the wall caught my eye, and I was touched beyond words to see two pictures of Aurora and Elisa with their sponsors adorning the walls of Wendi’s home. Wendi shared she prays for the sponsors each night. She is so thankful for the loving care the sponsors have given her children.

After just over a year at San Jose, the girls returned home in July. We are so thankful to be a part of the reunification process, as this is an overarching goal of Back2Back’s work with orphans and vulnerable children. God is at work redeeming His children in inconceivable ways – He is truly extraordinary.