Meet Moses

Fourteen-year-old Moses likes to play soccer and spend time with his friends. He resides at Destiny’s Home and attends Mashiah Foundations Academy in Nigeria, near the ministry base in Jos. We are thrilled to work together with the school, which was birthed out of a desire to serve the low income community in Jos, to provide improved educational services to several of the Destiny children. Mary Beth, the director, continually trains her teachers and has strict standards for placement and graduation. These are high values for the children we have come to love and serve.

When Moses was initially tested for Mashiah, based on his reading score, he should have been placed at the Beginning, Grade 1. However, Mary Beth has a special class for children like Moses, which she simply calls, Foundations. The children in this class concentrate on reading and math, so that they can catch up with their peers as quickly as possible.

Last fall, before Moses began attending Mashiah, he was matched with a sponsor family from the U.S. through Back2Back’s Child Sponsorship Program. In Moses’ first letter to them, I struggled to get him to tell me what he wanted to say. He had difficulty articulating his thoughts, and he refused to attempt to write the sponsor letter. That was before he started at Mashiah.

Moses’ confidence has soared since he joined Mashiah. He is reveling in the social atmosphere at school. He enjoys the social interaction with peers and adults and is thriving in this new academic environment. Twice a week, he likes to stay and play soccer after school. He is growing tremendously through the care and attention of the teachers.

Recently, we sat down with him again to share another sponsor letter with him. As we began to write a response, Moses announced, “I will write my own letter!” And that is precisely what he did. I was amazed by the improvement in his confidence from the previous time we had worked on writing a sponsor letter. It was so encouraging to see him write his own letter to his sponsor! We are thankful for the opportunity for Moses to continue to pursue his education thanks to the generosity of ministry partners!