Vanessa’s Academic Achievements

Vanessa with her brothers

Vanessa and her siblings

Vanessa is a spunky, energetic nine-year old girl, who lives outside Cancun, Mexico. She’s an artist who loves drawing flowers and princesses. Our staff serve her mother, Gloria, and other single moms in the area, as part of an overarching preventative orphan care initiative.

At the beginning of the school year, Vanessa was having a difficult time with reading and math, struggling to make sense of words on the page and memorize her multiplication tables.

Thanks to our team of faithful child sponsors, we hired a tutor to work with the children in her family. For two hours a day, Vanessa studied her math, Spanish and science lessons.  As a result of the individualized attention, Vanessa grew increasingly excited about her schoolwork.

Now, three months later, Vanessa is beginning to thrive academically. When her report card came last week, she’d received excellent grades.

Vanessa’s teacher noticed as well. Her class was divided into two sections: those who struggled with reading and writing and those who excelled in those subjects. Vanessa was in the group who struggled to read and write. After her latest report card, Vanessa’s teacher moved her to the more advanced group.

Vanessa is so proud of herself. She constantly has a huge, toothy grin plastered across her face. When Vanessa grows up, she wants to be a teacher and help encourage children.