Small but Mighty


It doesn’t take long after meeting ten-year old Faith to realize she might be small for her age, but she is mighty in every other way.  As one of the youngest children at Destiny’s Children’s Home, her big personality comes across as smart, affectionate and playful. She enjoys practical jokes and wears sparkly dresses – the frillier the better.

Her fiery focus was recently directed towards her studies. Like many children, Faith enjoys school, but she dislikes homework.  Esther, a woman from the local community, has joined Back2Back’s staff as a homework assistant to help tutor the children from Destiny. Esther motivates and challenges Faith to the point that now, when Faith completes her homework, she often asks Esther for more! Academic support from staff like Esther not only helps the children improve their grades, it also sparks in them a deeper desire to learn and grow!

Only God knows how he will use this ‘small but mighty’ girl for His greater story, but we will enjoy, as the Back2Back extended family, watching Faith grow in her passion for life!