The Grand Story God is Writing


Isabel meets with Back2Back staff member, Ana regularly for discipleship. Isabel and Ana are pictured along with Ana’s son.

At Back2Back, we’re committed to helping each child understand the love and protection of their heavenly Father. Through opportunities for spiritual growth, such as discipleship and Bible study, we empower children like Isabel to not only discover their tremendous significance as an individual, but to also realize their unique purpose in the grand story that God is writing.  Isabel regularly meets with her mentor, Back2Back staff member, Ana for Bible study, discipleship and relationship building.  Ana’s goal is for Isabel to understand her identity and tremendous worth as God’s child.

Back2Back staff member, Ana says, “I am trying to help shift the old mind-set of thinking that she is not smart enough, good enough, or pretty enough to achieve her goals. I want Isabel to believe that God has given her the abilities to become whatever she wants to be. I want her to learn to dream big and trust that God will support her dreams.”