Anusha: Wonderfully Loved

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Anusha is a vivacious 7-year-old girl, who is full of joy. Her favorite color is pink and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Anusha enjoys board games and playing with her friend, Neha, and attending church along with the other children in the Peace Home, where she has lived for the past two years. Each morning, she wakes up in a dormitory with fourteen other girls and heads off to school. Anusha is thriving academically. She loves learning and she is ranked first in her class. In the evening, she does her homework and chores before going to bed. Anusha is just one of 163 million orphaned children in our world, but unlike many other orphans, Anusha will wake up tomorrow knowing that her future is full of hope. She will see God’s love through her nutritious meals, through her tutor after school, through the mission trip guests who spend time with her, and through the Back2Back staff who encourages her in her spiritual growth. Anusha may be physically orphaned, but she is wonderfully loved. Through Back2Back’s 5-Point Child Development Plan, we provide holistic orphan care to ensure that Anusha’s spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs are met.

Anusha is just one of the 163 million orphaned children our world. But unlike many other orphans, Anusha will wake up tomorrow morning knowing that she is cared for by her Heavenly Father. Through opportunities for spiritual growth, such as learning Bible stories and lessons from her hostel parents and through regular visits by a Children’s Pastor, we empower children like Anusha to not only discover their tremendous significance as an individual, but to also realize their unique purpose in the grand story that God has written for their life.

The hostel is busy with activity as Anusha awaits the nutritious meal she and her friends will soon enjoy. Back2Back understands that eating a healthy and nutritious meal is essential to growing strong bodies and developing minds and so we work to ensure the children at Peace Home receive healthy meals that include protein, fruit and dairy. Back2Back partners with children’s hostels to improve the quality of care for children like Anusha, meeting needs such as medical and dental care, nutritious and varied meals, warm sweaters, clean water and safe shelter, providing opportunities for each child to thrive.

Through an emphasis on quality education, Back2Back invests in the future of children like Anusha, so that they might break free from the cycle of poverty. When children have access to quality education, they are significantly more likely to become self-sustaining individuals who give back to their community. To see this goal realized, we provide each child with the tools they need to succeed providing them English-medium education, tutoring those who need extra help. As they mature, we’ll strive to assist them with tuition for junior college and college so there is no barrier to a brighter future.

Along with 14 other girls, Anusha has lived in Peace Home for more than two years now. Many orphaned children who grow up in a children’s hostel suffer from psychological issues as a result of past neglect, even abuse. Our goals for each of our partner hostels is to provide resources that enable family-style living for the children, enough hands and hearts to help them work through their deep hurts of the past while preparing them for the challenges of the future and when needed, counseling for the really hard things in their life. Our goal is that each child would be restored to emotional wholeness.

Recreation time at school serves as a wonderful setting for Anusha to engage with her friends, like Neha. They clap their hands together in a rhythmic pattern of increasing difficulty and speed, laughing and giggling with each change. Back2Back addresses the need for positive social interaction. We assist each child with personal growth by helping them learn how to deal with interpersonal communication, conflict, disappointment, rejection and other vital life skills. By mentoring children in these areas, we empower them to flourish relationally.

Through Back2Back’s 5-Point Child Development Plan, we provide holistic orphan care to children like Anusha, striving to meet each child’s spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs. Thank you for partnering with us! Your support is critical in enabling us to meet the needs of children like Anusha in these five critical areas.