Emi’s Story

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Recently, a shy nine-year old boy named Emi arrived at Douglas Children’s Home in Monterrey, Mexico, after his mother decided she was no longer able to care for him and his siblings. Emi just celebrated his ninth birthday. He loves Legos, puzzles, soccer and can swim like a fish. Emi is devoted to his two younger sisters, fiercely protective of them. He is sensitive, spirited and very intelligent.

Before arriving at Douglas, Emi had never attended a day of school in his life. A Back2Back staff member tutored him for two hours every day for a year, teaching him to read, write and complete basic math problems before enrolling him in school. Now, Emi is thriving academically as a result of his hard work and determination, as well as the support of his Back2Back tutor. Emi loves to worship at church with the other children at Douglas Children’s Home. He is growing spiritually through the discipleship of his caregivers.
Emi is just one of 163 million orphaned children in our world. But unlike many other orphans, Emi will wake up tomorrow knowing that he is cared for by his heavenly Father. He will see God’s love through his child sponsor, through his tutor after school, through the American families that come to play with him, and through the Back2Back staff who hold his hand at church. Emi may be physically orphaned, but he is wonderfully loved.

We’re tremendously grateful for our team of committed sponsors, mission trip guests and donors who enable us to provide quality care to each child we serve. Thank you for coming alongside us to provide care for today and hope for tomorrow through holistic orphan care.