Local Involvement in Mazatlan

Mazatlan tutor blog

We recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the launch of our ministry site in Mazatlan, Mexico. Back2Back Mazatlan was started to provide holistic care to orphans at three children’s homes in this area. Beyond the vast number of orphans in this city is the face of one little boy: nine-year old, Jose Angel. After child services discovered neglect at his home, he and siblings were dropped off at a local children’s home. We quickly discovered that he had never attended school or learned to read, as he had been forced to stay home to care for his younger sisters while their mother worked a double shift at a factory six days a week.

This year in Mazatlan, we are excited to focus on partnering with local volunteers, nationals from within the community. One such individual is Alejandra, a high school senior who heard of Back2Back through staff members who attend her church. Over her Christmas break, she began tutoring Jose Angel. Thanks to Alejandra’s encouragement and coaching, Jose began receiving the one-on-one attention that he needed. In a few short weeks, he advanced from taking several minutes to struggle through sounding out a single sentence to reading with comprehension. His confidence is up and even his teachers have taken notice of his progress.

Alejandra’s family also took notice, and wanted to get involved. They began mentoring two of the teen girls from Jose’s children’s home, building into them one-on-one and taking them on weekend outings to give them a reprieve from life at the orphanage. Now, with her last semester of high school back in session, and with the busyness of dance classes and pom squad, Alejandra is rearranging her schedule to allow her to continue visiting the home on a regular basis. She and her family have recognized the call to be the hands and feet of Christ, serving those in need. Locals, such as Alejandra and her family, and others like them, are exponentially increasing the impact Back2Back can have in Mazatlan.

Thank you for coming alongside us to bring hope to orphans like Jose in Mazatlan and beyond! We are grateful for your partnership on this journey!