A Rescue, by Jim Betscher, Back2Back Mexico Staff

A short while ago, we had the privilege to help out in a child rescue case.

Actually, there were tbree siblings under the age of 8 years old that were brought to us by their mother, through a friend of ours. For privacy reasons, I won’t go into all the details but I can say that all three of these kids were in physical danger. They had no home and were living on the streets. But I am so thankful that ever since they were brought to us, they have been safe, well fed, cared for and loved daily.

I remember what my friend who brought them to us told me on the day that we met them. He said, “Jim, I was made for days like today!” As every paramedic or fireman knows, there is a rush when you assist in a real live rescue! There are many aspects to orphan care ministry. There is education, physical, spiritual and emotional development. All of these things are part of what Back2Back does as a whole. But when you are able to be there in that moment of a young child’s life and be a part of changing their destiny, there is contentment. I know for sure, that on that fall day in 2011, we saw the future change for those three young children. They were literally snatched from the hands of Satan and placed in a place where they are not only protected but are free to grow in their knowledge of Christ as their True Savior.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this as I was worshiping in the church at Casa Hogar Douglas, a children’s home that Back2Back supports. I turned to my side and there was the oldest child singing out loud the songs of the redeemed. He was singing them as one who knows!