They are Loved, by Caitlin Gromacki, Former Back2Back India Intern

God showed me his love through the kids in India. We visited this small orphan home the first few days and then a week later had them join another orphan group for a concert. I was able to play games, sing songs and hug the kids, but because of the language difference I didn’t really get to know them each super personally. When the kids arrived to the concert we hadn’t seen them for about a week. I just remember their big smiling faces running towards us from their bus. This one little girl runs up into my arms, and I picked her up. I twirled her, and she held on to me so tightly. Next thing I knew she pressed her lips against my cheek and gave me the biggest kiss ever. I was shocked, I mean I didn’t even remember her name, yet she loved me so deeply. I knew at that moment this was how much God loves his children, including me! We don’t have to do anything and he loves us! He cares for me like an orphan who knew me for only two days, yet it would seem like we had been best friends since the day she was born.

At one home that I served, there were almost 200 kids. It is a lot harder to give them the one-on-one attention that they need. They call each other sister or brother, so when you actually call them by their first name their faces light up so big. They loved every moment we were with them, even if it was just sitting next to them while they ate dinner. The kids in India need attention and quality time. They need to know, just as I did, that they too are loved!