Meet Emmanuel, by Emilee Munafo, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

Meet Emmanuel.

He lives in the Kisayhip Village and washes cars for a living. Emmanuel is different than the other boys at the car wash. His mother left his father and his family was split up. His father and brother turned to a life of alcohol, but Emmanuel chose to be different. A Christian man raised him, and Emmanuel has modeled after this mentor. He is someone people trust and admire. When we started looking for someone to help with our Community Center, Emmanuel had a key role in running and maintaining it for the community World Cup viewing. He has a vision for his community he desires to see the children become something more than what he sees himself. When we asked more about that desire Emmanuel said, “If these children don’t get an education, then they will wash cars like me and that is where it will end.”

Emmanuel has a true heart for his own community and loves that Back2Back is there to support his village. We love working alongside Emmanuel as God gives us a united vision to bring H.O.P.E. to the community!

H ealth Care

O pportunities for Spiritual Growth

P rovision for Basic Needs

E ducational Opportunities