Building Roads, by Will Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

A couple weeks ago I worked at another Back2Back staffers house digging a trench and clearing some big rocks/sand. As I cleared it from the yard I would take it to the street to fill in the big holes and ruts that force us to drive very slowly on our road. As I repeated this sequence of cleaning to “build the road” I realized this is something we are going to be doing for some time to come in a figurative way.

A lot of the things Back2Back is doing here in Jos require us to figuratively “build roads” to reach people. Theresa (Back2Back staff member and my wife) will be building roads to reach children through education. Each encounter she has with the students will help her earn their trust and know them better. As I spend time with the people in the Kisayhip Village where we serve I will do the same thing. We will not be able to love the people we are here to serve unless we are willing to “build roads” to reach them.

This process of building roads takes time. After putting several loads of dirt and rocks on one spot in the road a car would drive over it and pack it all down, still lower than it needed to be. It took several more loads to get it where it should be.

As a staff we are excited to continue to take the time of building these roads, whether literally or figuratively. Please pray with us that God gives us the patience endurance it requires.