Butterfly Dining Hall, by Back2Back India Staff

In 2009, the Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show featured butterflies and the culture of India.

A generous donation from the event’s gala dinner was given to Back2Back India to help build a dining hall for children at an orphanage near Hyderabad, India. For many years, the 250 children who we serve at the Mercy Hostel orphanage have eaten their simple meals of rice and dal outside in the courtyard, rain or shine.

During the summer, the temperatures can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit; during monsoon season, the rains can be torrential for weeks. The dining hall was designed to provide a cool and dry place for the children to enjoy their meals. It will also provide a study area for the children between meals.

In July 2010, we participated in the dedication of the dining hall.

It was a joyous occasion for the children and guests. Although the facility is not completed – it still needs tables, chairs and some finishing touches – we saw the value of the project first hand.  The monsoon dropped continuous rain for two days but the children were able to take their meals inside the new dining hall building.


Thank you to the Krohn Conservatory, Back2Back and all the individuals who helped meet this important need for the children.