Dresses of Hope

In the midst of the aftermath of Hurricane Alex, we have experienced some very heartwarming stories. I have told several people that I believe God is using this tragedy to bring people closer to Him. In the Rio III community that was hit hard with widespread destruction, we have witnessed several such stories.  As the area has become darker, it has given Christians an opportunity to shine brighter.

The first week we hosted groups after the storm, we hosted a group from Northview Christian Church in Indiana. A thirteen-year old girl named Danielle came with her mother on this group. Danielle spent months preparing to come by organizing dress sewing sessions. She and her friends made seventy-seven dresses, which they brought them with them. She had done this before in other areas but this was the first time she was able to bring them and give them away herself. What a blessing she was for seventy-seven young girls from Rio III that week! Some of these girls lost everything in the flood waters of Hurricane Alex!

Check out Danielle’s blog at http://www.dressesofhope.blogspot.com/ to view a video she made when we gave away the dresses.