Latest Hurricane Alex Update

In our efforts to keep families of Back2Back trip members updated, we wanted to provide the latest information on the storm that has reached Monterrey, Mexico.

First and most importantly, all teams, staff and our families in Monterrey are safe.

Because of the heavy rainfall, areas of Monterrey have experienced flooding and the Mexican authorities have closed travel on some key roadways except for police and emergency vehicles. Consequently we are unable to transport the teams scheduled to depart today to the airport in Monterrey.  The flooding is also requiring us to cancel the groups that were scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

We are attempting to reach the airlines and working with our travel agent to assist in finding alternative flights for departures as early as possible, which at this point we believe will be tomorrow (Saturday).

Remember – all teams, staff and our families in Monterrey are safe.

We will continue to update our website and blog as often as important new information becomes available.

Please continue to pray for the details that may need to come together as a result of the rains and flight delays.