Until Every Child is Known & Loved

Back2Back exists to provide comprehensive care to vulnerable children and families across the world.

Every Story Matters

With over a billion children and adults around the globe having experienced trauma, the importance of bringing hope to their stories has never been higher. By providing solutions for sustainable change, we can see a world where every child is known & loved.

Holistic Care for the Whole Life of a Child and Family

Trauma is created when a child experiences distress in at least one of the five core areas of their life.

Understanding and accepting God’s love and protection.

Regular medical and dental care, nutritious meals, warm clothing, clean water, and safe shelter.

Creating greater opportunities for a different future by investing in continuous learning and development.

Healing from past trauma in the context of relationships with safe, consistent adults.

Life-on-life training in relational skills, individual resilience, and independent living skills.


Hope Doesn't Stand Still

Over the past 30 years, Back2Back has grown in the depth and breadth of efforts to restore the lives of those who have experienced trauma.

Today, we serve in communities across the world, including our own backyard.

Bring Hope

And Change Your Life in the Process

We don’t just need your help. We want to run alongside you.

Bring hope and change your life in the process

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