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Back2Back’s Transition to Independence Program was designed to help students move from living in family-style care to living on their own.

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Back2Back’s Transition to Independence Program was designed to help students move from living in family-style care to living on their own. They are taught how to budget, how to grocery shop, how to cook for themselves, and managing their day-to-day schedules. Young adults take brave steps out on their own, and they’re never left without a safety net in place through the adults who come alongside them.

Recently, a 22-year old young woman, who has lived much of her adolescence at a Back2Back-run children’s home alongside her brother and peers, began exploring independent living. Before making this truly life-changing decision, staff worked closely with Ana*, helping her manage her resources, teaching her different ways to prepare food for herself, buy groceries, and keep to a daily schedule. For several months, staff answered Ana’s questions, helped her when she needed it, and asked her how they could support her well. Staff then asked if she would want to transition to living independently, and they were met with sheer enthusiasm.

Ana spent her weekends at the Transition to Independence Program house in the beginning; the goal was to help her adapt to a new environment and learn where everything belongs in the home. She also spent those weekends with the Program Director, Magda, and the other young lady who lives there – getting to know them better and learning their rhythms. The first week of October brought big changes for Ana, and she has officially moved into her new home!

Once she is settled, it is everyone’s hope that Ana will spend the morning doing work that takes into account her own needs. In the afternoon she will continue growing her life skills like meal prep, maintaining cleanliness, increasing social skills, and learning as she goes. 

“I feel excited for this next chapter,” shared Ana. “I hope I will develop more adult life skills and have more time with people my own age.” 

Please join Back2Back staff in praying for Ana and other young adults like her who are taking bold steps into independence, forging new paths for themselves and those who are watching.


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