Putting the Hope in Hope Program

A common practice Back2Back supports is making positive deposits into a child’s belief system.

A common practice Back2Back supports is making positive deposits into a child’s belief system. Children and teens from hard places often have belief systems that reflect abuse, neglect, and harsh words from their history. In providing holistic care, dedicated caregivers see the hurt a child or teen has experienced and work to help repair the damage through relationship and positive deposits into a belief system often resting in the negative.

At a Hope Education Home in Nigeria, a young woman arrived with low self-esteem, a history of educational struggle, a belief system filled with disheartening experiences. Today, as Ebele* prepares to complete one educational milestone and tackle another, her Hope parents call her a success story.

“Ebele reveals the meaning of hope in the Hope Program,” shared her Hope dad, Hosanna.

Ebele has taken the positive words and care she’s received in the Hope Program and internalized them. It has helped her become a tenacious young woman overcoming many challenges who doesn’t shy away from hard things. Through the example of safe adults in her life, Ebele has learned to advocate for herself, always willing to discuss problems or concerns, then seeking solutions.

Recently, when she was struggling in school, she asked her Hope parents for help, leading Ebele to tutoring. Alongside her tutor, she put in the hard work and was eventually named head girl at her school, chosen by teachers and staff.

“Ebele has learned the importance of overcoming pride, asking for help when she needs it, and the importance of advocating for herself,” shared Hosanna. “She truly listens when others speak and it has transformed her belief system.”

Ebele is a young woman who came from hard situations, but she trusts there is greatness within her, and does the work to gain success. She is a testament to what loving, consistent care can do in the life of a child and exemplifies what strong doses of hard work and hope can accomplish.


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