Stretching Their Creative Muscles

Haiti and her people continue to persevere despite ongoing turmoil across the country. Back2Back staff eagerly pursue special activities or moments to hold space for the children and families they serve. Morale can get low as changes are processed, and staff want to remind them there is still joy to be found. 

One partnering children’s home in the area has relocated multiple times in response to nearby insecurities. This has been an emotionally charged time, impacting moods and focus with each move; the home’s director wanted to bolster their felt-safety and encourage joy seeking.  

A local musician lives near their new location and holds music lessons for the children, teaching them to play recorders. Together, the musician and his students are playing worship songs outside. They’ve also learned to make paper floral art, a culturally popular activity. The children have enjoyed both activities, stretching new muscles and learning about their own creativity. It is also designated time to remind each of them they are still children and deserve the time and space to play. 

Please join Back2Back in prayer over Haiti, the unrest there, and the dedicated staff members who never stop pursuing growth and healing for the children they serve. Together, we will stay in the fight until every child, and family, is known & loved.