First Round Graduates!

Trauma-informed schools are on the rise at Back2Back sites around the globe. Over the years, as Back2Back staff have served children attending village and government-run schools, they saw inconsistencies as students struggled to keep up, many often repeating grades. As they prayed and consulted God for what was best for each child, the answer became very clear – Back2Back-operated schools with national, trauma-informed teachers leading each classroom.

One such school recently opened its doors in Nigeria, and staff have seen waves of change in every student. Classrooms are multifaceted – teaching, learning, and healing take place; there is mutual understanding between student and instructor. We all heal through relationships, and when teachers show up for children as supportive, safe adults, their brains absorb what’s in front of them better.

Recently, the school in Nigeria celebrated its first group of graduates! Three young men who had fallen behind in their previous schools had to repeat a math class in order to graduate. At the end of 2023, they completed that class and sat for their exams. Generally, students do not pass final exams on the first try, but the young men all beat the odds by passing! One of those young man is currently in university while the other two are waiting to begin. 

In addition, two young ladies have gained scholarships to a university in India and have already made the trip there. One will be studying law for the next five years, while the other studies accounting for the next four. Please join Back2Back in prayer over all the recent graduates – many of whom are among the first to graduate from their families and this trauma-informed school.

This is the power of trauma-informed education – students heal and learn, forging new paths for themselves and their families.