Celebrating What’s Next

The puzzle pieces laid across the tables in front of the four young men. Their house parents stood in before them, speaking words of encouragement and life, telling them the puzzle is a reminder that all the answers to the puzzles of life are found in God and their Bibles. The young men smiled gratefully for the leadership of their house parents and the many ways they’ve loved them through the highs and lows of growing up. 

Recently, four Hope Education Program students celebrated completing their high school educations. All four young men have lived, grown, and learned in the same house for the duration of their high school careers. Three celebrated completing high school and one celebrated the completion of his technical school training. Staff, bio families, and a visiting mission team hosted a celebration to commemorate their hard work. 

Together, they listened to a special message from a local pastor encouraging them in their future endeavors. They enjoyed snacks, worship, prayer, and had space to spend intentional time with their families and the visiting guests. All four young men still currently reside on campus and recently each got part-time jobs off campus. These will not be their permanent jobs, but it is a way to grow socially and increase their work experience.

Please join Back2Back staff in prayer that each young man would be led to the positions best suited for them, that they would continue to lean into the Lord as they navigate adulthood, and that their time on campus is always seen as a safe landing place.