Rebuilding What Was Once Fractured

Much has changed recently at a Back2Back-partnering children’s home. When the pandemic made its way to Mexico, many of the children under Back2Back’s care returned to live with biological families, if it was safe for them to do so. This decision was not made lightly and allowed for decreased spreading of the virus, while still providing opportunity for staff to serve children faithfully. As time went on, children reacclimated well, and staff realized it was a wonderful opportunity to create the Strong Families Program in Monterrey.

Started in Cancun, the Strong Families Program allows children to stay where they truly belong – with their biological families. The children receive tutoring, special classes, and necessary therapies while their parents take part in parenting and marriage classes, Bible studies, and build community together. It is an opportunity for families to go from struggling to flourishing while remaining unified physically and emotionally.  

Two different families have been reunited through the work of the technical team, psychologists, and social workers on staff. Two young men returned to live with their mother and grandmother, and staff has seen an increase in the connection and intention between a mother and her two sons. The boys exhibit a newfound joy at being with family again and they are developing habits, as a family, of praying and playing together.

Another family was recently reunited when three children moved back in with their mom and her partner. Staff have seen great dedication from their mom and her partner in making connections with the children and building trust and rapport. Together, the family enjoys soccer matches in their backyard.

While the pandemic was not a welcome crisis for anyone, it has opened doors and allowed families to rebuild what was once fractured, and Back2Back staff see the joy and fruits of these reconnections. Please join Back2Back in prayer over families reunited – that they grow in trust and communication with one another.