Somewhere to Turn

Back2Back staff understand and are trained in providing trauma-competent care to every child they cross paths with. Training and experience proves that trauma is often cyclical, and a result of the adults in a child’s life possibly not receiving holistic care and trauma-informed approaches themselves.

This is a key reason, in some cases, Back2Back staff work as closely with biological families as they do the children – to empower the adults who care for the children to step into their own power and understand their role in the life of their child. This opportunity was recently presented to a child’s family who attends an education center in Nigeria.

“I could tell that Michael* wasn’t feeling well recently,” shared Swanta Zakka, Back2Back staff. “I’ve long seen him struggle with confidence, but in the last two years have seen small glimpses of growth.” Swanta wanted to offer his family the opportunity to care for him while he was ill and sent him home to tell his family he wasn’t well.

“I wanted to give them the chance to care for him, but also knew there was a chance they might not have the ability or resources to do so if he needed medication,” explained Swanta. She got medicine on her own in case he returned and hadn’t received any.

The next day, Michael returned and still felt sick. Swanta asked what his family said about him not feeling good, and Michael became flustered. While he did tell his family he wasn’t feeling well, their response wasn’t as nurturing as Swanta hoped, but then his eyes lit up.

“I know it’s okay, though, because I knew if I came back here, you would help me get what I needed, aunty,” Michael stated.

Swanta gave him medicine and kept an eye on him. She prayed his family would soften towards the young boy and see the potential within him like she does. She took comfort in the fact that he knew with certainty he was seen and loved by her. 

This is the power of safe adults in the lives of vulnerable children. When they need somewhere to turn, Back2Back staff ensure they know exactly who they can go to.