Learning to Thrive

The Hope Education Program in India officially launched in 2019 when three young men moved from the campus they called home to junior college. One of the three young men, an exceptional athlete and social teen, struggled in his final year of high school, but passed and transitioned to junior college. While there, Deepak* and Back2Back staff came to understand he might thrive better in a different type of educational environment. 

With the help of the safe adults in his life, Deepak transferred to an electronics trade school. “We weren’t sure if it would be the best fit for him, but we were willing to allow him to try it out,” shared Gideon Sunchu, Back2Back staff and Hope Education Program Coordinator. Deepak put his focus and intention on his studies in trade school and surpassed all expectations. He performed well, earning a certificate in electronics. With an increase in confidence and better study habits, Deepak wanted to try university again.

Deepak is currently in his second year at an Indian university studying computer engineering. His biological family live in a village quite far from where he attends, so he will be staying with another Hope Program student and his family. “We are grateful for the family allowing Deepak to stay with them,” shared Gideon. “The two young men have essentially grown up together, so it is nice for him to have a safe place to stay and be with people with whom he is familiar.”

Deepak uses autos to get to university each day and is elated to be studying at a four year school. He is staying at a safe place and is maintaining intentional relationships with safe adults and his mentor who help him stay on track and focused.

This is the power of sponsorship, prayer, and advocacy –  young men and women all around the world are given options and come to understand their potential and just exactly what they are capable of.