When We Say Yes

A new partnership has blossomed in Nigeria with a local children’s home. Staff have been working with the home for about a year, and Blessing, the captain of the home and Back2Back staff, is seeing vast improvements among the seven children who call the space home.

“Blessing has a lot of experience working with children who are new to the ministry and is also an amazing English teacher, well-known for helping children learn English in record times,” shared Meredith Messer, Back2Back staff.

Blessing remembers when she started working with a young boy named Matthew*, who was six when he first arrived. “Matthew is from a local community facing much turmoil and violence,” Blessing explained. “He was incredibly shy and barely able to express his own needs.” Blessing immediately saw some of his physical needs and helped provide them, all while working on his English skills and using trauma-informed techniques to get to know the young boy and help him harness his own voice. Blessing knew, several months later, when he asked for a new pair of shoes, that he was becoming more self aware and trusting the safe adults in his life.

Matthew now comes home from school excited to share about his day, his classes, his grades, and all the ins and outs of his life. He is doing well and speaking very clear English. Please join us in praise as we celebrate all that can be accomplished when we willingly say yes to the Lord and meet vulnerable populations right where they are, in love.