Investments of Fun

The women were sitting side by side down a line of chairs. The nail technicians opposite them held up their hands, rubbing lotion into them; the moms giggled at the sensation of the hand massage and admired their nails.

A week before mother’s day,, Back2Back Cincy staff planned a special event for the moms group led by Kaylee Yoder and Emma Martinez. Emma and Kaylee wanted to honor the work they’ve done building trust and community and celebrate the friendships they’ve formed.

“It’s been one year since we started the mom’s group, and we felt we had a lot to commemorate together,” shared Kaylee. “There was only one mom in the group who had had her nails done before, so this was a day of new experiences for the ladies.” Daycare was provided for the younger children not in school, and the moms rode together with staff in vans.

They each got gel manicures and spent the time chatting with each other, deepening the connection they’ve faithfully fostered over the last year. Together, staff will continue to invest in each of the moms, reminding them their stories are still unfolding and that they, like their children, are profoundly known and loved.