Worth the Work

The Hope Education Program in India is one of the newer Hope Programs across Back2Back sites. It started in 2019 with three young men, and has since grown as nine young women from the Back2Back campus have joined, along with several teens from the Strong Families Program. Staff wanted to intentionally invest in each teens as they navigate higher education and future planning recently. 

Back2Back staff visited the site in April and took the opportunity to hold a special event in order to connect with the students. Their time together was multipurpose – to connect emotionally and socially and to help them dream big, understanding the importance of knowing the next right steps to achieve those dreams. 

“We wanted to hear each of the students express their dreams, but even more than that, we wanted them to consider what their next steps needed to be to get there,”  explained Julie Mowery, Back2Back India Director. The teens were given paper, markers, and time to write their goal in the center with each next right step stemming from it.

“It was great to take time mapping their plans out visually as a reference point,” shared Julie. “It required they really consider what was needed to reach their goals, and I think it offered great perspective for them.”  

It was a day built around helping each teen bring focus to their futures, and one of the young women in the program has since talked about her plans with her mentor. Together, Back2Back staff, mentors, sponsors, and advocates are helping each of the Hope students realize their dreams are worth the work.