Social Worker – Monterrey

Position Description: Hope Program Social Worker

Reports To: Hope Program Director

Position Summary: Provide holistic care to the students and biological families by being an intermediary between the institution and its social environment with the purpose of deepening the care that is able to be provided to the students in the Hope Program.

The position maintains external relations with institutions such as the government (DIF) and the biological families of the students in the Hope Program. It does not exercise direct supervision over the staff, but is required to carry out technical evaluations related to the social work process.

The position has the responsibility to execute activities related to Social Work and the Hope Program.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Candidates of New Entries into the Hope Program (Annual basis)
    • Via coordination with the captains and social workers of the Children’s Homes, review the proposal of candidates of new entries, requesting psychology and social work reports.
    • Work with Hope Program technical team (Psychology and Social Work) of each Children’s Home to evaluate cases of new entry
    • Meet with the Hope Program Technical Team and the Management area for the selection of new students.
    • Have an informational meeting with the new students biological families
    • Ensure the following is completed for each of the Hope Program students:
      • Entry application
      • Interview with family
      • Interview with neighbors
      • Socio-economic study
      • Social Report
  • Entry of New Students (Permanent)
    • Admission sheet
    • Commitment of responsibilities
    • Develop Student entry card (photographs, fingerprints)
    • Collect documentation for the individualized file and ensure is preparation: Original Birth Certificate, immunization record, qualification and/or proof of studies, father or mother’s ID, death certificate (parents and/or grandparents, if necessary, proof of address, work plan, office of authority (if applicable), identification of the person who is responsible, proof of medial service, proof of blood type, office of admission (if applicable)
    • Accompany adolescents in the process of integration to the Hope Program
    • Notify the Coordination of Regulation and Professionalization of Children’s Homes in Nuevo Leon, within a period of 3 days of any changes in the Hope Program student roster.
  • Student’s Residency (Permanent)
    • Be aware of the student’s progress in the following areas:
      • Medical
      • Academic
      • Nutritional
    • Conduct a holistic diagnosis and work plan with the students and their families (every six months)
    • Conduct home visits
    • Ensure reports are generated of risk associated with the students in the institution to the Regulation and Professionalism Coordination of Children’s Homes, as well as for temporary exits during the holiday period.
    • Coordinate exit dates for the holiday period with the biological family to ensure their authorization and elaborate the needed permits.
    • Develop and follow up on the Visit Record’s toward the students
    • Request the grades of each student (to House Parent)
  • Consider each of the student’s medical, academic and nutritional assessments and follow up on them
  • Develop life plans of adolescents and their families (every six months)
  • Monthly control of individualized files
  • Coordination with public and private institutions for the possible channeling of cases, as well as for managing resources and services for the benefits of the families of adolescents
  • Home visits for follow-up cases
  • Coordination dates for vacation for adolescents, elaborate exit permits and coordinate the liaison with biological families for authorization of the same
  • Development and follow-up of the logs of the adolescent departures
  • Development and follow-up of records of visits by adolescents
  • Update the Social Work Operations Manual
  • Students Exit (Permanent)
    • Notify the Regulation and Professionalization Coordination of Children’s Homes, within 3 days of the departure of a student, determining the reason of egress: family reintegration or adoption, moving to another institution, or coming of age.
    • Develop a program to follow-up with graduated students.
    • Home visits to follow-up with graduated students
  • Transition Program (Permanent)
    • Develop and update a database for students in transition
    • Be a link between the student and the institution to see if they are candidates for transition, taking as reference the form “Criteria to be a part of the Transition Program”.
    • Establish the amount and time of support to students in transition, in coordination with the Management and Administration area.
    • Follow-up with students in Transition
  • Office
    • Keep office supplies up to date
    • Report weekly the proposed advances in the M&DP
    • Attend training proposed by the Regulation and Professionalization Coordination of Children’s Homes.
    • Maintain statistical information on the Hope Program impact since its beginning for use in reporting as needed.
    • Submit maintenance logs (participation in conjunction with Psychology and health areas)
    • Request social service students from local universities
  • Hope Program
    • Structure the Social Work department on the LTP Campus
    • Bi-weekly follow up on the LTP Campus
    • Case meetings with the Administration, Psychology and Professionalization area

Required Abilities

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Social Work and Human Development
  • Knowledge in Microsoft office
  • Interaction with groups and public institutions
  • Field Investigation (required in the process of entering a minor to discriminate which cases we will help), mainly: application of socioeconomic studies, home visits, interviews with neighbors, family interview, social report and informational notes.
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Neutrality
    • Communication
    • Empathy
    • Attitude of service
  • Work with friends and family to create ministry partners and sustain ministry partnership development.
  • Ability to relocate to Back2Back site in Monterrey, Mexico


  • Bachelors degree in Social Work and Human Development
  • 2-3 years of experience relations to children at risk

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