Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Carribean Sea.  Cancun is mostly known as a tourist destination, a reputation that is in stark contrast to the high rate of poverty. The area is home to many street children and vulnerable orphans who are at-risk of falling victim to the child trafficking business that is thriving in Cancun. It is difficult to break the cycle of poverty since public education ends after the 9th grade.   Unemployment rates are high, and the national minimum wage is less than five dollars a day, with many making even less than this.  Back2Back began working in Cancun in 2010, and along with caring for orphans there, focuses on preventative orphan care by ministering to single mothers in the community.

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Tres Reyes

The Community Center in Tres Reyes, an impoverished, rural community outside the city of Cancun, Mexico is a newer building which offers counseling opportunities, tutoring for community children, educational resources, medical and dental care, after-school programming, and sports leagues for Tres Reyes families. By offering resources to a struggling community who may not otherwise have […]

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Bonfil is an impoverished urban community, south of the city of Cancun, Mexico. We are partnering with Rossy, who has been serving the children and families in Bonfil for almost 20 years. Rossy’s after-school program serves as a refuge for children and moms throughout the week. We help Rossy provide Bible teaching, singing, a craft and a […]

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Oti’s Strong Family

Oti is a widow with eight children: Ricardo, Jeny, Marisol, Paty, Yasmin, Lety, Adela, and Rodrigo. When Back2Back met Oti in 2011, she was struggling to make ends meet by selling candy, vegetables, and fruit in the street.  At the time, she had just been informed that she might have to give up some of her […]

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Dalila’s Strong Family

When Back2Back staff members met Dalila and her three children several years ago, she was struggling to make ends meet.  In an effort of preventative orphan care, Back2Back has come alongside her to support her in keeping her family intact.  Dalila’s children enjoy playing outside, attending a local public school and helping their mom with chores. […]

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Wendy’s Strong Family

Back2Back met Wendy’s family at the San Jose Children’s Home where her daughters had been living for over a year, longing to be reunited and live together as a family again. When the day came for the girls to move home with Wendy, Back2Back worked with the family to ensure the transition home was as […]

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Esmeralda’s Strong Family

The story of Esmeralda’s family is one of restoration and healing. Back2Back first met Esmeralda’s family at the San Jose Children’s Home where Esmeralda’s daughters were living. Through parent trainings, spiritual mentoring, and therapy, Back2Back helped Esmeralda arrive at a place where she could care for her children again. Back2Back has supported Esmeralda’s family through […]

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Brenda’s Strong Family

Back2Back first met Brenda when she was living in Bonfil with her family.  Recently, Brenda and her family moved out of the Bonfil area, but Back2Back has continued to partner with her to help keep her family together.

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Milka’s Strong Family

Back2Back met Milka’s twin daughters while they were living at Casa Hogar San Jose in Cancun, Mexico.  With the help of Back2Back’s Strong Family program, Milka was able to bring her daughters back home.

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Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children, by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.

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