Trauma Competent Care

Back2Back is dedicated to providing trauma-informed care.  We recognize that children who have experienced trauma need trauma-informed care to truly heal.

Back2Back partnered with several nationally recognized child development and trauma experts to understand the latest research and best practices around trauma care. Back2Back built a solid understanding of the academic research on trauma care by working with leaders in the field, like Jayne and Dr. David Schooler, experts in working with adoptive and foster families. Back2Back also partnered with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University and built training around the essential skills outlined by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

The team then adapted those learnings to create training courses that are easily understood and directly applicable to a wide variety of trainees.

Global training for 300 staff members
Back2Back conducted training with all 300+ of its staff members in Haiti, Mexico, India, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic and the United States. It had such a powerful impact on children’s lives that they began to offer the training to other orphan-care organizations.

Within 5 years, the Back2Back team had trained over 2500 people in nearly 70 countries, impacting over 250,000 children.

In order to focus on providing world-class trauma training, Back2Back decided to create a separate organization with a team dedicated to ending childhood trauma.


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