Are you ready to start earning your Back2Back Ministries Patch? Just complete the steps below and prepare to GO, SERVE and LOVE orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. 

  1. Read “Tales of the Ones He Won’t Let Go” by Beth Guckenberger.
  2. Choose two of the following:
    • Write a reflective journal entry (a page or two) about one orphaned or vulnerable child’s story that impacted you. Feel free to be creative.  Record your thoughts, pray, and maybe even draw a picture or write a poem!
    • Answer the following discussion questions with your family or Unit: Which story/stories impacted you the most and why? Did you relate to one of the stories? If so why?  Do you feel there is something God is putting on your heart or nudging you to pray about or do?  Have you ever developed a relationship with or served an orphaned or vulnerable child?  Would you want to go on a mission trip to serve orphaned and vulnerable children?  Why?
    • Complete the “Healing Bags” activity from “Tales of the Ones He Won’t Let Go”.
      Supplies: Large resealable plastic bags, samples of toiletries and personal hygiene items, tissues, small mirrors, small brushes, clothing, small Bibles, Scripture list, candy, gum, and gift cards.
      Activity: Make healing bags that can be donated to your local hospital, children’s home, or women’s shelter. The kids can help organize the bags and/or make or bring things to go in them.  Here are some ideas of things to put in the bag: bracelets (girls could make), clothing in various sizes (include new underwear and sports bras), new socks, small Bibles, devotional pamphlets or gift books (or ones made by girls), list of favorite scriptures, hard candy, gum, and gift cards.
    • Follow this link to choose a young girl served by Back2Back who shares your birthday month, or to whom you feel called, and come alongside her in prayer every day for one month.
  3. Watch three short Trauma Competent Caregiver training videos: FearTrauma and the Brain, and Indiscriminate Friendliness.
  4. Watch Back2Back’s “Belief Systems” video
  5. Choose one of the following:
    • Reflectively journal about your own belief systems. What has been added to your belief system that is good? What had been added that is bad? How does learning about your beliefs affect the way you view your friends and the other students you may go to school with?
    • Present “Belief Systems” to your Troop, with the assistance of a Troop leader if need be. Watch the video as many times as you need. Talk with your Troop leader to determine when you can present it.
      Supplies: Popcorn, M&M’s®, mini marshmallows, pretzels, nuts (make sure there are no allergies in your troop) egg, vinegar, gravel, sticks, nails, large bowl, paper and marker to make labels, 10 small cups, napkins.
    • Answer the following discussion questions with your family or Unit. What is indiscriminate friendliness? What is the appropriate way to greet a child who you are meeting for the first time on a mission trip? What type of brain do children from chaotic environments and hard places operate in? What are some of the hard places children can come from? What form of trauma affects the brain the most negatively?
  6. Complete the Back2Back Ministries “I Am for You” Bible study guide. Read all 10 days and answer the study guide questions.


Finished all your steps? Congratulations! Click here to order your Back2Back Ministries Patch. If you want to learn more about orphaned and vulnerable children, or your Troop serving them on a Back2Back Ministries trip, email our Mission Trip department at


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