Hope Education Program

In your heart, you know. Orphaned and vulnerable children can make it if just given a chance – and education is the key. Back2Back’s Hope Education Program combines three key components to break the cycle of generational poverty – going beyond care for today by creating hope for tomorrow.

Hope for Tomorrow


97% of Hope Program graduates are caring for their own children.

Break the Cycle of Poverty

All of these components are good on their own, but together they provide the best chance to break the cycle of generational poverty. Armed with the experience of how a healthy family lives together, an education to find meaningful employment, and life skills to maintain independence, Hope Education Program students are prepared to be healthy neighbors to others in their community.

Live like Family

For children who have grown up outside the context of family, it can be difficult to understand how to start a family of your own one day. The foundation of Back2Back’s Hope Education Program is the family unit. Living together with specially-trained House Parents and other same-gender students, teens learn how to live as family.

Support for Educational Success

In the countries where Back2Back serves, free education typically stops after 8th grade. The Hope Education Program provides for tuition and other educational expenses so children can continue pursuing their schooling. Just as important as having access to education, students are supported with resources like tutors and mentors to help them succeed.

Transition to Independent Living

The transition from living at home to living on your own is challenging for every young person. Back2Back recognizes the unique challenges orphaned and vulnerable children encounter during this stage of life and supports the healthy transition to independence through intentional training and mentorship. 

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Meet some amazing young adults who’ve beaten the odds!


Ari dreams of taking to the skies as a pilot. Hitesh hopes to serve his home country in the Army. Dev imagines protecting his fellow citizens in the Air Force.


Maria graduated from nursing school as a young woman confident in her abilities. We sat down with her as she shared what she hopes for and how she believes the Lord has never left her.


Thanks to the generosity of people just like you, a young man in Nigeria has a family, an education, and a hope for the future.

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