Pacific Coast Christian Academy Teacher – Mazatlan, Mexico

Position Description: Pacific Coast Christian Academy Teacher

Reports to: PCCA Coordinator

Basic Function: This teaching position is expected to lead a multi-age classroom of staff children, teaching and guiding them through the academic requirements as outlined in the provided curriculum. 

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Teaches multiple grade levels
  • Follows designated curriculum.
  • Implements additional material to support curriculum objectives.
  • Records regularly reported grades and parent conferences.
  • Maintains classroom management.
  • Plans for quarterly instructional units with measurable outcomes per grade level.   

Additional Responsibilities: The teacher is required to submit daily lesson plans, as well as cumulative reports for each student – quarterly report cards. These quarterly reports should include: subject grades for each discipline being studied with descriptions of curriculum and work accomplishments, and samples of school work – portfolios. Teacher records should also be included: daily lesson plans covering subject, chapters and lessons, scope and sequence tracking for continuity between grade levels, and materials, books, and texts used and covered during the year.

PCCA teachers will follow the same calendar as students, starting September 1st through May 30th. Vacation/holidays follow the school calendar, and vacation can only be taken on regularly scheduled holidays. All school days are required workdays and may not be used for travel, vacation, or support development. Each teacher is allotted three sick days.

The PCCA school day begins at 8:00am and runs until 3:00pm with one hour break from noon to 1:00pm, plus necessary prep and grading.

Field trips will be taken monthly, and paid for by the PCCA account.

Teacher expenses/materials are paid for by the PCCA account; however these purchases may only be made upon request. 

Desired Qualifications: A Pacific Coast Christian Academy teacher should possess a Bachelor’s degree. A bachelors degree in education is preferred, but exceptions can be made. They should be work well with children, as well as be teachable and flexible. This candidate should also have effective organizational skills and classroom management.

Miscellaneous: PCCA teachers are required to raise a percentage of their total support needs. This is to be accomplished during non-school days, holidays, and summer break. From the teacher’s support account one’s salary, visa fees, travel expenses, and moving expenses can be expensed.

Standard Schedule:

8:30-9:00- Kinder teaching (phonics, handwriting)

9:00-9:15- 2nd/3rd Arrives, whole group/calendar time

9:15-9:45- 2nd/3rd grade reading/ Kinder independent learning/centers (Creative Play, Science, Social Studies)

9:45-10:15- 2nd/3rd grade independent work/ quiet time reading/ Kinder lesson (Science, Social Study concepts)

10:15-10:30- Whole group- read aloud/songs/poems

10:30-11:00- Recess/Snack

11:00-11:30- 2nd/3rd grade math/ Kinder independent learning/centers (Reading, Math, craft)

11:30-11:45- Kinder teaching (math)/ 2nd grade independent learning/centers

11:45-12:00- Bible Lesson

12:00-1:00- Lunch/Kinder doesn’t return

1:00-1:30- Writing

1:30-1:50- Reading- leveled text

1:50-2:10- Spelling

2:10-2:45: Science/Social Studies

2:45-3:00: Math

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