Neighborly Love, by Nate Gangwer, Back2Back Nigeria Intern »

  A few weeks ago we began our first project with another team.  We spent the entire day doing projects at the Oasis Community Center in the Kisayhip Village of Jos, Nigeria.  The majority of the team painted the community center with a primer coat to get ready for the Back2Back team next week.  The […]

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A Heart for the Widow, by Nate Gangwer, Back2Back Nigeria Summer Intern »

Today marked a more substantial beginning to the activities we will be doing in Nigeria. Anna, Reed, and Emily observed and helped in the OCC (Oasis Community Center) Education classes to help prepare them for the next few weeks of helping teach and tutor a handful of kids from the village. The rest of the […]

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Ending the Cycle, by Jason Munafo, Back2Back Nigeria Staff »

The other day I was talking with Emanuel who is from the village and is helping us run the Oasis Community Center. He is twenty-three years old and is well-educated. I asked him what he feels is the one thing that would most help this community. He replied, “Education”. So, I asked him how he […]

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Reflections on My Experience as Back2Back Nigeria STINT Staff, by Eileen Hamilton »

Recently, we Back2Back Nigeria staff had an outing with the children from Our Ladies of Apostles (OLA) orphanage. We had originally planned to have a swimming party, but we woke up Saturday to a cool, overcast day so we changed our plan quickly. We picked up the kids, packed lunches, and went to the Viewing […]


World Cup Outreach in Nigeria, by Corrie Guckenberger, Back2Back Nigeria Staff »

This past Friday, the first World Cup game of the year was played on South African soil. As a ministry we used this event to kick-off our new “Oasis Community Center”. It was our grand opening of a Center that will host the viewing of futbol games and other media events. It is a joint […]

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