STINT Position

Back2Back Ministries STINT Program

STINT is Short-Term International Trip. Each STINTer must make a 12-18 month commitment to serve with Back2Back. The STINT role is a support-staff position, meaning STINTers are responsible for fundraising for their salary.

STINTers may raise financial support for a monthly income and benefits. STINTers will directly report to the Site director.

STINTers can expect to work in three capacities:

  1. Relational ministry (with US teams, HOPE program students, ministry site children)
  2. Project administration (could include behind the scenes projects at the Back2Back campus or working directly with short-term mission groups on their work projects)
  3. Discipleship (with US interns and with the Back2Back HOPE program students, for those with language fluency, where applicable)

STINTers may be responsible for some or all of the responsibilities listed below:

  • Driving and vehicle use will be required for all STINTers (if the STINTer is asked to drive a personal vehicle for ministry purposes, mileage reimbursement will be provided).
  • Having a personal vehicle is required at some ministry sites.
  • When teams are not present at the ministry site, the STINT role will include preparation for future mission teams, and support to the full-time ministry

Additional Responsibilities

Child Sponsorship Program
As a STINTer, you are responsible for working with the US office to maintain the Back2Back Child Sponsorship Program. Duties include being the point person for the program; ensuring sponsorship letters are delivered to the child; ensuring that quarterly child update letters are completed and delivered to the US office to be distributed to sponsors in a timely manner; running the Child Sponsorship table during market night and being available to answer any/all questions from potential sponsors/mission trip guests; updating Child Sponsorship photos and collecting new photos as needed; updating the master spreadsheet of children available for sponsorship, as new children are admitted to the children’s home or when existing children leave the home; ensuring that gifts are purchased and delivered when sponsors donate the purchase of a present and taking photos for the sponsor if possible; closely communicating/regularly updating the US office point person.

Captain Support
Your staff point person will assign a captain for you to work with. Your goal will be to aid the captain with tasks that they may not have time for. This may include duties such as communication with donors and the Back2Back US office (relaying stories and updates for blogs, etc.).

  • Team/Group Support: Our desire is not to show favoritism, but to go the extra mile with each mission trip participant, as each person has made sacrifices in order to take part in their trip. Below are a list of responsibilities that allow us to put this principle into practice:
  • Setup / breakdown of LDM group facilities
  • Daily group preparation / setup (breakfast check, on call, mid-week clean up, cameras)
  • Airport runs for pick-up/drop-off of team members
  • Accommodating special needs of team members (i.e. allergies, )
  • Scheduling and logistical support (CHD breakfast, shopping, fieldtrip setup, craft/donation distribution)
  • Dorm checks to ensure supplies are restocked (soap dispensers, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)
  • Special event coordination (quinceneras, parties, local fundraisers)
  • Intern administration/ leadership /management

Teen Hope Program  Support

House parent substitutes

Home Office Communication

You will correspond with the U.S. staff communications team and aid them in gathering stories and updates from the children’s homes, as well as, helping them on special projects, such as the gift catalog and magazine.

Additional Information

  • All prospective STINTers are required to submit an application for review by the executive director and campus director and complete an interview, in order to be considered for the
  • Those serving in the STINT role need not speak the native language fluently, as many of the STINT responsibilities involve working with the US teams that volunteer at our ministry
  • Each STINT role will receive a clear job description outlining responsibilities and expectations.
  • All STINTers are required to adhere to the Back2Back policies, as described in the Back2Back Policy Manual.
  • Skill Set Match: If a STINTers skill set meets a ministry need, the STINTers role will include responsibilities in that area (exs: carpentry, construction, graphic design, leadership, organization, music, medical, social work, ).
  • Work with friends and family to create ministry partners

Back2Back Provides the Following to STINTers (may vary depending on ministry site)

  • Housing on Back2Back campus (may vary)
  • Basic furnishings (including bed, kitchen – may be potentially shared with same- gendered STINTers)
  • Three month training/transition period
  • After three months, a specific/customized job description will be determined by campus director and STINTer.
  • Months before reporting in-country, Back2Back will pair each STINTer with a staff contact person to assist with preparation, by providing a suggested packing list and answering any

Basic Packing List (Consult Back2Back Staff Contact Person for an In-depth List)

  • Travel documents (required)
  • Personal vehicle is highly recommended, in order to allow more freedom in country (Mexico only)
  • Cold weather clothes (site dependent)
  • Dress clothes (slacks, ties, dresses, heels, etc.)
  • Space heater (site dependent)
  • Sheets, blankets, and pillows
  • Stereo
  • TV/DVD Player
  • Laptop (if you bring a desktop computer you will need to declare it)/Printer
  • Books/CDs/Movies
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Coffee Maker
  • Microwave
  • Blender
  • Toaster
  • Trash Cans
  • Towels
  • Mirror
  • Wall Decorations

Discussion Points with Interviewer / Executive Director (see staff manual)

  • Transition to/from country
  • Benefits (vacation, including travel policies, and medical/dental)
  • Support / Fundraising
  • Personal debt
  • In-country living expenses

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