Sponsor FAQs

Sponsorship FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does my sponsorship provide?

    Your monthly donation is combined with those of other sponsors to address needs in the home, family, or community, which, in turn, directly impacts the child or family you sponsor. Your donation helps provide things like nutritious food, safe housing, and well-trained, nurturing caregivers and staff as well as intentional programming with children and parents. A significant difference in sponsoring through Back2Back is that staff interact directly with sponsored children and their primary caregivers or sponsored families several times every week. Such frequent interaction means staff are intimately familiar with the needs of each individual child or family sponsored and deliver a deeper depth of care.

    Your sponsorship also individually impacts the child or family you sponsor by providing them with access to things like:

    • mature Christ-centered mentors for spiritual health
    • regular medical and dental check-ups for physical health
    • quality education and tutors for educational success
    • visits with psychologists and social workers for emotional health
    • involvement in chosen extracurricular activities for personal growth and meaningful connection with the world around them. 

    Your sponsorship also provides intentional training for the caregivers of the child you sponsor, families, and communities to ensure true holistic care.

    Ultimately, the goal is for every child and family to be dependent on Jesus, interdependent in their community, and independent and self-sustaining. Your sponsorship helps make this possible.

  • What can I expect as a $100/month child or family sponsor?

    You can expect to interact with your sponsor child through: 

    • Letters: You have the opportunity to write up to four times a year. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when letters are due. In turn, you will receive between two and four letters each year.
      Click here to learn how to submit a letter.
    • Gifts: You will also have the opportunity to send a gift donation.
      Click here to send a gift donation.
    • Updates: You will receive updates from the children’s home, program, or community where the child or family you sponsor lives.
    • Visit: You will have the opportunity to visit through a Sponsorship Mission Trip or a Back2Back Mission Trip.
      Click here to learn more about these mission trip opportunities.
  • What can I expect as a $250/month sponsor?

    As a $250/month sponsor, you invest in ongoing, transformational change at a children’s home or community center of your choice. Through this gift, you are helping to meet both every day and large-scale needs that make a lasting difference for every child, caregiver and family.  You will receive updates from the home or ministry site you are sponsoring. 

  • How can I send a letter to the child or family I sponsor?

    There are three ways to submit letters:

  • What should I write in a letter to the child or family I sponsor?

    Keep your letters brief and simple – a few paragraphs are great. Each letter is translated by hand so the child or family you sponsor can understand your message of care and encouragement. In the event they can read English, please remember it is most likely not their first language. Please use clear, straightforward language.

    • A helpful way to assist communication with the child or family you sponsor is by asking questions. When you share something about yourself, ask a question they can answer in return. Share about your family, your interests and hobbies, and your faith. Talk about what life is like where you live. Ask them about their interests and hobbies, their schooling, their faith, and their hopes and dreams for the future.
    • Send photos! They will love keeping photos of you, your family, your neighborhood, and where you are from.

    Click here to see more letter writing tips and ideas.

  • What should I avoid in a letter to the child or family I sponsor?

    Please do not ask questions about their past. Many of the children and families we work with have some sort of trauma or abuse in their past. We want the focus to be about their present and future.

    • We encourage you not to call the child you sponsor “son” or “daughter.” These terms have very different meanings in different cultures, and we want to keep healthy boundaries in place.
    • Do not make promises you are not certain you can keep, such as plans to visit or for them to come to America.
    • Keep the focus on the relationship. Please do not ask what they would like as a gift from you.

    Click here to see more letter writing tips and ideas.

  • Can I communicate with the child or family I sponsor through social media?

    For sponsored children and families who use social media accounts, Back2Back does have social media and communication guidelines. 

    Sponsors are encouraged to model healthy relationships, boundaries, and open and transparent communication for the safety and protection of children and families. Primary caregivers should be included in all communication with children and young adults, and photos of children or families may not be posted from sponsors’ personal social media accounts. Everyone is invited to like, share, and repost any content from Back2Back Ministries on their personal accounts. Please Click here to review these guidelines.

  • Can I give a donation for a birthday gift or send a gift to the child or family I sponsor?

    Yes!  As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to make special donations above and beyond what you already give.  Back2Back is committed to celebrating special occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas, for every child and family in the Child Sponsorship Program.  Your gift donation will be used at staff discretion for either a small gift, party, and/or outing.  Any leftover gift money will be used to celebrate those in the program who may not yet have a sponsor.


    To give a special gift donation to the child or family you sponsor, click here.

    Be sure to include the child or family’s ID# and the occasion for the gift.

  • Can I visit the child or family I sponsor?

    Yes! As a sponsor, you and your family have the opportunity to meet the child or family you sponsor in person. You can visit the child or family you sponsor through a Sponsorship Mission Trip. These trips are generally offered once a year or once every other year.

    A Sponsorship Mission Trip provides:

    • Connection with the child or family you sponsor through tailored activities
    • Fun cultural experiences with the child or family you sponsor
    • The potential to meet the child’s primary caregivers, friends, and/or siblings.
    • The opportunity to speak in-depth with Back2Back staff who work directly with the child or family you sponsor
    • A focus on relationship building with optional work projects

    Email sponsorship@back2back.org to learn about sponsor mission trip opportunities. You can also visit the child or family you sponsor on a regular Back2Back Mission Trip. While there, Back2Back staff are committed to doing everything within their power to ensure you have time to connect with them. The length of the visit will depend on the site and the mission team with which you are serving. Combining a regular mission trip with visiting the child or family you sponsor can be the best of both worlds – experiencing the power of a short-term mission trip while also strengthening the relationship with the child or family you sponsor.

    Click here to learn more about Back2Back Mission Trips or call 513.754.0300 and ask for the Mission Trip Management Team.

  • How is Back2Back’s Sponsorship Program different from other child sponsorship programs?

    Back2Back is unique in that we are committed to going deep with each child and family we serve.  By considering the individual, we are able to go beyond just physical needs to meet the spiritual, educational, emotional, and social needs.

  • How much of my donation is given to the child or family I sponsor?

    No money is given directly to the children or families sponsored in our programs. Back2Back partners with the children’s primary caregivers to determine individual needs. The money you donate each month will be combined with those of other sponsors to benefit all who live in the home or community. Back2Back ensures that 91% of all donations go directly to meeting those needs, and the remaining 9% is used for operational expenses.

  • Why does it cost more to sponsor a child or family through Back2Back than other similar sponsorship programs?

    Back2Back has a holistic approach to caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children and families we serve. We are able to go beyond the physical needs to meet spiritual, educational, emotional, and social needs. This commitment to go deep, by developing the whole person, requires more of a financial commitment. The cost to provide this level of care for one child or family for an entire month is actually more than $100. With this in mind, and depending on where the child or family lives, we allow each child or family to have multiple  sponsors.

  • How does Back2Back choose where to offer child and family sponsorship?

    Back2Back chooses where to send missionaries and offer child and family sponsorship based on God’s leading. The need in a particular area or country is also considered. Back2Back staff develops and establishes relationships with directors of the children’s homes, communities, parents, churches, and pastors before starting a sponsorship program.

  • What happens to children and families who do not have sponsors?

    All the children and families Back2Back serves receive holistic care. No one is denied any of their basic needs. Back2Back provides for unsponsored children and families through the Back2Back Care Fund.

  • Will I be the only person sponsoring the child or family?

    The cost of meeting one child or family’s needs for an entire month is actually more than $100. With this in mind, and depending on where the child or family lives, we allow each child or family to have multiple sponsors.

  • How often can I write to the child or family I sponsor?

    You are welcome to write as often as you like.  Four times a year we will translate any letters you have written and hand deliver them. The child or family will then write you a letter back and each letter will be translated for you.

    Click here to learn how to submit a letter.

  • Is there anything I cannot send to the child or family I sponsor?

    We ask that items you send be consistent with Christian values and philosophies. We will not forward photographs and other materials depicting activities that:

    • Might be considered inappropriate in another culture. This can include pictures of immodest clothing.
    • Promote lifestyle choices we view as unhealthy and inconsistent with a biblically based life. This includes but is not limited to the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and drugs.
    • Might threaten the safety of the child or family.
    • Advocate another religious worldview.
  • How long will my sponsorship last?

    While many sponsorship programs allow sponsorship until a teen reaches the ages of 18-22, Back2Back’s is more situational. We have teens still in programming who are older than 22. As long as they are part of Back2Back programming, your sponsorship is active!

  • Can the child or family I sponsor leave the sponsorship program?

    There are times a child or family’s circumstances may change. For example, sometimes a child living in a children’s home will leave to be reunited with his or her biological family. In the best case scenario, this family will be a part of our Strong Families program and the child will continue to be sponsored. However, sometimes a Strong Family may move beyond the reach of our program or the sponsored child within a Strong Family may decide to leave for a number of reasons.  We will inform you as quickly as possible if any such circumstance affects the child you sponsor. We will also offer you the opportunity to sponsor another child or family if you wish.

  • What do I do if I need to cancel my sponsorship?

    You can cancel your child sponsorship at any time.

    You can contact the Back2Back Child Sponsorship team by emailing sponsorship@back2back.org or by calling (513) 754-0300 ext. 1705.

  • What other information would you like me to know about the child or family I sponsor?

    About eighty percent of children globally who live in children’s homes are there due to poverty, a   lack of basic resources and education. Whenever possible, we work with biological family members who could, with some assistance, potentially care for  the child. Often the child who is living in a children’s home will visit family members on weekends and/or holidays.  Our goal is family reunification when it is in the best interest of the child. Our Strong Families Program helps ensure children and families are supported and receive holistic care with a goal of self-sustainability.

    Due to past abuse or neglect, many of the children have developmental delays. These delays can include educational, physical, emotional, and/or social delays.

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