Child Sponsorship Reimagined

Orphans and vulnerable children sometimes aren’t given even the simplest of choices.  We are flipping child sponsorship around — now they get to pick you. Press the button below to become a Seen Sponsor.


  • How does being a Seen Sponsor work?

    Sign up to be a Seen Sponsor by completing the form on the next page.  Don’t forget to submit a photo. Over the next month, your photo will be seen by a child that will choose you to be their sponsor! You’ll receive a notification in the mail that you have been seen!

  • How much does Seen Sponsorship cost?

    Back2Back provides spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social care for the children we serve.  Because the depth of care requires significant investment, our sponsorship costs more than other organizations.  The cost is $100 monthly and is a fraction of the total monthly cost of care.  The additional funding is provided by our general fund called the Care Fund. This goes to provide not just nutritious meals and tutoring, but also access to medical treatments, dental care, psychologists, and caregivers that look at a child’s individual needs.

  • How will I find out who picks me?
    • You’ll receive a box in the mail letting you know who chose you! In the box will be:
      • A sponsorship booklet with information about how you can connect with your sponsor child and the impact of your sponsorship
      • A letter from your sponsor child, letting you know how they picked you, and a photo of them.
      • Extra surprises just for you to celebrate!
  • How long will it take to find out who picked me?

    We send sponsors to be picked monthly. You will find out approximately a month after you complete your sign-up.  (This time may vary depending on when you completed your sign-up.  For instance, if you completed your sign-up on July 1st, your photo will be sent to our site on July 30th.  Your box with a letter from the child that picked you would be sent out around August 15th.)

  • How long does the commitment to sponsorship last?

    Our hope is that sponsorship would be a long-term investment and many sponsors have chosen to invest in a child through high school and college.  Children who pursue higher learning continue sponsorship through our Hope Program. 

    We hope that whatever the length of your sponsorship, you would see the impact it has on a child’s life! 

  • How is my sponsorship gift used?

    Your monthly sponsorship donation is combined with those of other sponsors and the Care Fund to meet the needs of your sponsor child.  Your donation helps provide things like nutritious food, safe housing, nurturing caregivers, and well-trained staff.

  • What if I need to discontinue my sponsorship?

    We understand that you may encounter life circumstances that may make it impossible for you to continue your sponsorship.  If those occur, please let us know. You can send an email to

  • What If I need to pay by a donor-advised fund, bill pay, or some other method other than a credit card?

More questions? Email:

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