Child Sponsorship Reimagined

SEEN takes traditional sponsorship programs and flips them upside down. By becoming a SEEN sponsor, you are empowering a child to use their voice and offering them the ability to choose. When you sign up, your photo is sent around the world to one of the Back2Back sites, and a child gets to see you, allowing you to become their sponsor. Would you allow a child to use their voice? Would you be SEEN today?

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  • How does a child pick me as their sponsor?
    Children will be shown a display with multiple photos of people wanting to sponsor. Each child will select a special person as their sponsor!
  • How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

    It is $100 a month to sponsor a child. Your support provides nutritious food, safe housing, nurturing caregivers, and well-trained staff. Your partnership is combined with those of other sponsors to meet the needs of every child.

  • How long does a sponsorship last?

    Sponsorship is a long-term commitment to invest in a child’s future. Some children decide to be the first in their family to complete  high school and higher education. You will have the opportunity to sponsor them through each milestone in their lives.

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