Thank you for committing to pray for a child.

At Back2Back Ministries we believe your prayers are powerful and can bless the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

We invite you to impact the life of this child by committing to pray for them as you complete your Back2Back Patch through American Heritage Girls.

You can pray for:

  • Their biological families
  • School work
  • Friendships
  • Understanding of Jesus
  • Future

Your voice is important, and your prayers are powerful; be the difference for one as you share them with children around the world.

You may choose to pray for any girl. If you’re not sure which one, pray for a girl with the same birth month as you.

If you feel led to invest deeper in the girl’s life, consider sponsoring her through Back2Back Ministries’ Child Sponsorship Program where you can write letters to her, encourage her in her faith, and build her confidence. For more information about sponsorship, email Carly at

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