Our Approach

As Back2Back has gained a deeper understanding of what children from hurt places need, we have grown convinced of the importance of an approach that accounts for the whole needs of a child, not merely basic physical needs. To that end, in 2010 the 5-Point Child Development Plan was created. This model focuses on investing in the children we serve in the areas of spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social health.

The Care Fund is used to implement every aspect of Back2Back’s 5-Point Child Development Plan meeting the spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs of children. This includes the international staffing essential to execute the plan. Back2Back is committed to long-term sustainability and independence for every orphan the ministry serves and The Care Fund fuels that commitment.

In 2015, Dr. David and Jayne Schooler, child development specialists, joined the Back2Back staff. They provide in-depth training regarding caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Their expertise has equipped Back2Back staff with the tools to deepen the level of care for the children we serve.

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The children Back2Back serve come from high-risk backgrounds. The journey toward healing can be a challenging one, but it is the goal of Back2Back to lead to the restoration of dignity and hope in every life. When early life trauma is a part of a child’s story, a child is set on a trajectory path leading to behavioral issues well into adulthood. The trajectory can be interrupted with care from trauma competent caregivers, parents and/or social workers by following two guiding principles:

1. We must empower the child by taking care of their physical needs.
2. We must connect to a child’s heart before we correct and change a child’s behavior.

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With this in mind, every Back2Back caregiver, staff member and mission trip participant is trained in the principles of Trauma Competent Care. This helps each adult understand the impact trauma has on every child’s behavior, development and relationships. Further, it allows adults to aid in maximizing the child’s sense of felt safety.

As an organization, we support and promote positive and stable relationships in the life of each child. We invest deeply in the caregivers so they can invest deeply in each child daily. We aim to help raise children to become adults who are sustainably independent, dependent on Jesus and interdependent in their community.

Caring for Hurt Children

Lay it Down

“One morning, my friend was leading an orphan care training session. “You can lay down your weapons,” she urged us to tell the children. Children from difficult pasts use control and aggression as weapons to protect themselves, she explained. But when we care for children in a way that encourages healing, we are giving them new tools to navigate the world around them.” – Anna, Back2Back staff

Care for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. We exist to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children, by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.

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