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Spring 2016

Spring 2016

She Rises

Teresa’s father died when she was young. Teresa and her four siblings grew up in the shadow of her father’s first wife, who her mother continued to care for even after his death, as is customary in Nigeria.

This was strike one in a culture that marginalizes widows and their children.

As a female in Nigeria, she was afforded fewer opportunities.

Strike two.

Finding Home

Alondra handed Raquel a note. She blushed and ran back into the living room. Raquel, Alondra's house mom at Possibilities Children’s Home, was pleasantly surprised as she carefully unfolded the yellow paper.

“I’m so thankful for you,” the note said, “you feel like my mom.”

Raquel brushed tears from her eyes as she closed the note. Sliding the paper into her pocket, she thought back to the day Alondra had first arrived.


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