Hope Campus Christian Academy Teacher – India

Position Description: Hope Campus Christian Academy (HCCA) Teacher

Reports to: Hope Campus Captain

Position Summary

This teaching position is expected to lead a multi-age classroom of children who live on our Suzuki Samuel India Hope Campus, in a unique, cross cultural collaboration with the children’s existing (English language-based instruction) schools and teachers. Specifically, you’ll be developing and implementing strategies designed to enhance the depth of the children’s understanding, increase their cognitive abilities, and grow their overall quality of learning. Children will attend class in their schools, as well as attend your classes (on our Campus) some number of days each month.

Principle Responsibilities

  • With input from the children’s teachers, develop a rotational schedule of “on-campus” teaching designed to maximize personalized instruction” for groups of the children we serve
  • Set up of classroom in an age-appropriate fashion and as needed
  • Creates a needs list for curriculum, school supplies, and school resources and communicates those needs to the Campus Captain
  • Develops lesson plans that complement or augment the material being covered at the children’s schools, and teacher-identified areas requiring strengthening
  • Executes these lesson plans in an effective way with the students in their care
  • Adjusts style of teaching based on the needs of the children
  • Assigns age-appropriate homework to children (or assists children with any school-assigned homework)
  • Works to ensure the school is in good working order and reports any issues to the Campus Facilities Captain
  • Ensures the physical security of the school and school resources by ensuring supplies and movable equipment are put away and locked at the end of each day when not in use
  • Meets with parents of children as directed by Campus Captain
  • Required to raise a percentage of their total support needs.

Additional Responsibilities:

The teacher is an advocate for the children within their school(s), and a supplementary resource to the school’s teachers where the campus children are concerned. Navigating that relationship in a way that nurtures and complements is a key success factor in ensuring cooperation. The teacher should be developing complementary lesson plans to those of the school’s teachers and should also be able to share in a culturally-appropriate way, areas of weakness(es) in the children’s learning that will help the teachers become more effective.

The teacher will analyze the children’s progress reports from the school and measure against his/her own progress reports for the same period. Meetings with the teachers will also be expected, sometimes in tandem with the Campus Captain. Teacher records should include: daily lesson plans covering subject, chapters and lessons, scope and sequence tracking for continuity between grade levels, and materials, books, and texts used and covered during the year.

Teachers will follow the same calendar as students, starting June through April. Vacation/holidays follow the school calendar, and vacation can only be taken on regularly scheduled holidays. All school days are required workdays and may not be used for travel, vacation, or support development. Each teacher is allotted three sick days.

The HCCA school day begins at 9:00am and runs until 4:00pm with one hour break from 1:00 pm to 2:00pm, plus necessary prep and grading.

Field Trips will be taken when, and as they are beneficial to the children.


  • University degree in early childhood education, primary education, or other applicable field of study
  • Proven ability to teach children
  • Organized
  • Strong verbal and written communication in English
  • Humble and self-aware of our cultural lenses, and how that can distort views and limit relational benefits
  • Teachable
  • Flexible
  • Organizational skills

Responsibilities for School Year (July to April):

  • Teaches multiple grades
  • Implements additional material and/or study to support curriculum objectives.
  • Records regularly reported grades and parent conferences.
  • Maintains classroom management.
  • Plans for quarterly instructional units with measurable outcomes per grade level.

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