Global Partners

The children’s homes we choose to partner with share a deep desire to implement best practices in caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. Each is committed to being trauma-informed, moving away from institutional care, utilizing independent board oversight, and providing transparent financial reporting.

Stories from the Field

We get a front row seat to changed lives. It’s hard work, but the men and women who lay down their lives for the most vulnerable? They inspire us to dream big. They challenge us to never quit. We’re honored to tell their stories.

They are the heroes.


When Jimmy walks through the gate a children’s home in Haiti, children flock to him.


Amos is a pastor in India. When he felt called to ministry, God put children on his heart.


At a community center in Cancun, Sandy is changing the trajectory of lives through tutoring.

How We Work with Children’s Homes

Why work with local children’s homes?

Orphaned and vulnerable children who grow to become dependent on Jesus, self-sustaining adults, and trusted neighbors in their communities, need safe adults who are deeply connected to their communities and culture. Partnering with and investing in local caregivers is the best way to make a long-term difference.

What is your relationship with partners?

Back2Back’s in-country staff are trusted members of their community, working right alongside our partner children’s homes. This means regular communication to track progress and troubleshoot challenges, building a trust to weather the ups-and-downs that come with working with kids from hard places.

How do you choose partners?

We make sure our partner children’s homes have top-notch experience and expertise. Our teams execute a comprehensive plan, making sure they have the skills and resources to deliver high quality, sustainable care in alignment with Back2Back’s commitment to a holistic, trauma-informed strategy.

What does Back2Back expect from partner children’s homes?

Our partners share our vision of providing holistic care to children in the least restrictive family-style setting that is appropriate. We expect a commitment to providing safe, nurturing, trauma-informed care to children in need, working toward lasting change in the lives of children.

Continue learning about how we work


Generous churches, organizations, and individuals give of their resources to make this work possible.


We’re committed to eradicating generational poverty.


Holistic care looks different depending where we serve.

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